The Ultimate Healthy Living Guide for Busy Moms

The Ultimate Healthy Living Guide for Busy Moms

I’m in the same boat – I understand! Motherhood is a beautiful experience. What a lovely thing! However, it takes a significant amount of time and virtually all of our energy. We work (both inside and outside the home), do mountains of laundry, drive the kids to the band and soccer practice, make sure everyone has food to eat, help with schoolwork, and the list goes on.

Many mothers have told me, “I want to live a healthy lifestyle but don’t know where to start” or “I’d like to start exercising but don’t have time for the gym.” Does this sound familiar?

Why Is a Healthy Lifestyle Important?

You’ve probably heard the expression “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” If you haven’t already, think about it…. right now. Motherhood demands so much of you, and you gladly offer it, but if you don’t replenish yourself, you’ll rapidly run out of things to give. Mom’s fatigue is a genuine thing.

I know that when I exercise frequently, I am a better mom — more of the mom I want to be. What that looks like in my daily life may differ greatly from what it looks like in yours.

Remember, we’re working on practical adjustments, which will differ from person to person. Finding ways to “reset” your attitude, enhance your energy, and deal with stress.

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Success Tips for Healthy Living

Let’s start with some groundwork. We need a strategy to be successful! After all, “a dream without a strategy is simply a desire.”

Think about your goals.

What exactly are you hoping to achieve? Do you want to slim down? Should you drink more water? Do you have the stamina to play tag with your kids?

Set reasonable expectations.

You probably won’t be able to spend 10 hours in the gym every week, busy mama. That is probably not realistic at this point in life. I apologize for bursting your bubble. But perhaps you could manage 2 hours? Or go for a walk with the family three evenings a week?

Begin with small steps.

Don’t overburden yourself…change happens over time, not suddenly.

“I’d want to lose 20 pounds, but this month I’ll strive for 2 pounds.”

“Drinking one gallon of water daily may sound excessive, but I could drink one extra glass before bed.”

Don’t compare yourself to others!

Joy is stolen by comparison. Let’s support and encourage one another, but don’t attempt to do everything “she” does or wish you looked more like “her.” You, mom, are flawless in your own way.

What exactly is a “healthy lifestyle?”

This is entirely up to you (and your doctor). Still, a healthy lifestyle often involves physical activity, eating choices, and mental health care. As a mother, you must discover a Balance all three in a way that is reasonable for you and your family.

How can I find the time to exercise? I’m SO busy already!

I have faith in you! When we hear the word “exercise,” we immediately think of “gym.” But you can get some wonderful exercise at home…even if you don’t have any equipment! Walking, jogging, and cleaning (am I the only one who sweats while I vacuum?!) may all be excellent workouts. As an added plus, completing them at home allows you to do them as a family!

On days when you’re really pressed for time, consider parking farther away from the store door when running errands, walking in place while cooking dinner (one time I quickly got hundreds of steps while watching my girl’s watercolor!), or performing a quick 10-minute workout.

How can I maintain my motivation?

Begin each day with a purpose in mind. If you are aimless in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, you will not have a goal to strive towards. That is one of the reasons we must set realistic goals. Consider how you’ll feel once you’ve completed what you set out to do! Your objectives will keep you going even when you don’t feel like it.

Make a schedule. By creating a routine, healthy behaviors will become a way of life rather than a chore. One of the reasons I enjoy group fitness sessions is that they have a regular day(s) and time. Furthermore, your classmates become your pals.

How can I urge my children to lead healthy lives?

The best method is to demonstrate! Show them what it’s like to be an active adult, to cook more and order less takeaway, and to live life to the fullest. Many of the things we’ve talked about can be done as a family. Teach kids healthy habits as early as possible, and they will most likely stick with them throughout their lives.

Nothing makes my kids laugh like running around outside with them. I’m sure passing automobiles think I’m insane, but it’s worth it for the sound of their laughing!

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