Tree Pruning

Subject: A tree surgeon arborist expert working on removing a tree branch with chain saw and heavy equipment.

Saw and pruning of trees is carried out not only in emergency cases, when one of the branches of the plant interferes or it begins to fall. This is a necessary measure for the care of fruit plants, and it helps their decorative counterparts to take the desired shape. Both in the first and in the second case, one cannot do without the help of specialists.

Why pruning is necessary for trees

Pruning Tree services performed by professionals prolong the life of the tree, improve its condition, and ensure productivity. This is a mandatory event for the care of green spaces, regardless of their age and condition. During this procedure, dry branches are removed from the tree crown, diseased branches, weak shoots are removed. Thinning the crown with regular pruning ensures optimal ventilation and access to sunlight – so the fruits are faster and better tied and ripen. Pruning is carried out to form a crown so that it is even, does not touch neighboring plants and buildings.

Such work should be carried out in accordance with all the rules, those who are interested in the well-groomed appearance of their site, and also want to achieve a high yield of the garden, should certainly take advantage of the offer of specialists. To place an order for autumn or spring pruning of trees in your garden, contact our company.

Types of tree pruning

  • Molding. It is necessary to give the crown a certain geometry that would suit its owner and ensure enhanced growth of lateral branches.
  • Rejuvenating pruning. It is carried out for the successful formation of lateral shoots, without losing the decorative appearance of the plant.
  • Sanitary pruning. With this procedure, lateral bruised branches are removed; a ventilated and translucent crown is formed. If the tree is old, then the tops and side shoots are removed from it.
  • Pruning fruit trees. It is used to strengthen the root system of a tree, which will subsequently have a positive effect on the growth of the crown and the abundance of fruits. Mostly carried out in early spring.

How is pruning done?

Such work in the garden is best done in early spring from March to May, if this time is missed, then the execution is postponed to November, when the crop has already been harvested, and the sap flow of the tree will stop.

This service in Melbourne and the Melbourne region is very popular, since it is difficult to independently perform it correctly without preparation. The process of deleting unnecessary branches takes place in three stages:

  • An incision is made above the kidney on the underside of the branch.
  • A second incision is made through the entire branch, after which a knot remains.
  • Cut off the remaining knot, bypassing the scar of the bark and the pocket area.

When calculating the cost of pruning trees, the neglected crown, the complexity of the work performed, the diameter of the trunk and the remoteness of the object are taken into account.

Benefits of working with professionals

By contacting specialists, you can be sure that after their work the plants will acquire the correct shape, they will bring a rich harvest and become stronger. Rich experience and well-coordinated actions of professionals exclude unpleasant surprises. If you entrust this business to amateurs, then you can pay a double price for services. To order professional pruning of fruit trees in Melbourne and the Melbourne region, call the contact numbers or fill out the form on the website.