Two Categories of Jobs that can define your Life’s Happiness


You see the faces of hundreds of people every day. Some are familiar and some are just random. The people you see can be high salaried employees, big businessmen, rediwala, daily wage workers or unemployed youth. But did you never notice the expressions on their face? Someone is tensed, someone relaxed, happy, sad or expressionless. A poor can have happy and a rich can have sad faces. Seeing that can help you learn the very secrets of life. The secret of happiness. Wondering how?

The secret of happiness is fulfilment. Once you accept your life’s situation and limitations and despite that you are living your life to the fullest, then you will have no regret. And ultimately leading to your happiness. For example, an economically backward student who aims to become an IAS officer knows that his educational background doesn’t matter in reaching his goal. He doesn’t need to complete his school and graduate from expensive or premium colleges but needs to work hard wherever he reads. He understands that his efforts will lead him to his goal. On the other hand, take the example of a student belonging to the upper-middle class.

He has an interest in mechanical works and building something out of his hand. But he is destined to grow his family business. After graduation, he was asked to apply for online transcripts from his university. He arranged his transcript certificate, WES certificate, etc. and went abroad to foreign universities to learn the business. On the way to expanding his business, he never got time to pursue his interest. He felt empty and never sought his life fulfilled. What do you think, would he be happy, even though he is financially successful?

This is where two categories of jobs come into play. First, a job where you get a sense of fulfilment and second, where you feel you are just a human-robot or a human slave who is doing what is being ordered. There are jobs in photography or blogging. In these jobs, you get to travel, write, click, do marketing, think, sell, and do various other functions. All in all, these are multidisciplinary jobs where your role is not limited to doing just one thing. Whereas there are jobs like software developers and machine operators who spend their entire lives coding and pushing buttons. Can you imagine their state of mind for burying all their heart’s desire deep within?

Therefore we recommend choosing the first category of job. The job where you get to experience life. But just in case you land on the second category of jobs, try to find time to hear your soul. Otherwise, even if you do hassle applying for online transcripts for your university transcript certificate, getting admission and a job abroad, and earning a lot of dollars, you will not find fulfilment. That will make your life empty. What do you say?

Similarly, when Russia started invading Ukraine, several medical students from India who were studying there had to return to India. We can see parents being grateful that their children returned safely but didn’t seem much bothered about the loss in their education. But when the situation normalizes, they will realize their loss. But such students are advised not to lose their calm. They need to understand that such situations are unavoidable and they have to bear the loss of time and money. But they should also understand the government is doing its job and they do their bit to ensure the students resume their education. Karnataka government providing education to Ukraine returned medical students is such an example.


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