Understand the Drivers of Bird Declines


Although scientists did not examine

the causes of the declines, they have determined that habitat destruction is the main driver of the bird declines. Habitat loss is when land is used for development, agriculture, or resource extraction. 

Habitat destruction is another cause of habitat loss. Bluebird Meaning  Habitat doesn’t disappear completely, but it becomes less capable of supporting birds when it is altered or fragmented by invasive plants or water quality is compromised.

Other than habitat loss

and degrading, Other major, human-caused threats are Birds coming from everywhere Cats and other invasive species; Glass collisions and industrial infrastructures, such as Communications towers And Wind turbines • Exposure to Pesticides and other toxic substances.

Climate change will exacerbate these problems and create new challenges. For example, changing habitat distributions or shifting peak food supply times for birds could alter their ability to survive.

Help Birds Return

7 easy steps. Wood Thrush by John Petruzzi/Macaulay LibraryTo reverse such a drastic decline in birds, action must be taken at all levels, from the landscape-

level changes to land use and national policies that affect birds to the individual. Here are seven ways you can help if you’re willing to do so. More

Windows are safer

at night and day with simple changes to windows can save lives. Find ideas here. Indoor cats (or contained): Indoor cats and those that are kept inside live longer and healthier lives. Visit our page for solutions for cats and birds.

.Reduce lawn by planting native species: The United States has 63 million acres. This is a tremendous opportunity to support wildlife. Learn more about how you can help birds by landscaping.

Avoid pesticides: Look for organic food options

 Learn about neonicotinoids. These pesticides, which are the most widely used in the world, can be toxic to birds and may be found in products you don’t know about.

Coffee that is Bird-Friendly: Bird-friendly coffee is delicious and economically profitable for farmers. It also helps more than 42 species of North American songbirds. This is an example of the Wood Thrush. Ask your local coffee shop to carry certified bird-friendly coffee.

Save the Planet from Plastics

 Avoid single-use plastics. Plastics take 400 years to decay and are therefore not recyclable for 91%. Seabirds are the most vulnerable to plastic pollution.

Share Your Views of Birds: Birders are one of the most important sources of information about how the ecology is doing. Make sure to contribute your data for eBird or other Citizen Science initiatives.

Support American Bird Conservancy

ABC’s 50-50-5″ plan addresses the bird crisis. It will make a significant difference in the lives of birds and protect millions more species of animals and plants. ABC’s conservation efforts will greatly contribute to solving the climate and biodiversity crises on our planet.

Our 50-50-5 plan focuses on a commitment to protect 50 bird species, conserve 50 million acres and combat 5 major threats. Your support will be instrumental in putting our plan into motion. This is the one thing you can do for birds. Donate today!

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