Want To Become A Carpenter?

Manual worker using sander while working on a wood in carpentry workshop.

Do you want to become a carpenter and are you curious about how to get off to a good start? We have collected all our knowledge in this article so that you can get started right away! At Bowers we have experienced carpenters to help you find the perfect job for you. A job that exactly matches your knowledge, experience and wishes.

After reading this blog you will know what a carpenter does, what you need to be able to become a carpenter and how you can make the best start in the field.

What do you do as a carpenter?

The profession is a traditional profession that is still in high demand. Tømrer københavn work on building, repairing or assembling mostly wooden structures, such as:

  • Roof structures
  • Windows, doors, frames
  • Walls and floors

In addition to the normal carpenter, you also have specialists:

  • furniture makers
  • Machine Woodworkers
  • Concrete Timmermannen.
  • You can go either way!

The work is also very broad. As a carpenter you are involved in the entire process in construction, from drawing board to finishing. Because when drawing sketches, specifications and building plans, the expertise of carpenters is often requested.

What training do you need?

To become a carpenter, you follow a vocational training (MBO level 2) to become a carpenter. After this, you move on to carpenter (level-3), or find work in construction to gain further experience.

How can you distinguish yourself? A carpenter can distinguish himself with specialist knowledge. Although today a lot of use is made of standard production, there is still a lot of demand for customization in the creation or repair of wooden structures.

Often not only wood is used, but also with other materials. That is why it is important that you have technical insight and discipline and that you can work very precisely.

Salary of a carpenter

The salary of one depends on several factors. To be important:

  • Your work experience
  • Craftsmanship
  • Kind of assignment
  • Employment

The salary of a carpenter can be found in the collective labor agreement for the construction industry. The salary of a novice carpenter with a fixed workplace is around €1600 per month. When you build up more experience and specialist craftsmanship, this amount increases to about € 2600 per month.

What does a carpenter’s workday look like?

As a carpenter you are not busy with wood all day. You are involved in the entire process in construction, from drawing board to finishing. Your expertise is needed when working out sketches, specifications and building plans, so that all plans are really feasible. Then a carpenter gets to work, finishing everything neatly.

In addition to the construction of buildings, you can also be deployed in checking structures and repairs in the event of leaks and cracks. That is why you often work together with other professionals, such as project managers, work planners, masons, plasterers, glaziers and painters.

The best start as a carpenter

  • Do you like working with your hands?
  • Do you have a vocational training?
  • Do you have good communication skills?

Then you can get started as a carpenter! View our carpenter vacancies here.

Not only do we have a job that suits you, but we also like to think along with you about your ambitions for the future. That is why we listen to your wishes and offer the possibilities to expand your specialist knowledge with courses.

Are you already a carpenter and do you want to grow? Then read how to become an all-round carpenter.


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