What are the Common Attic Insulation Issues in Los Angeles?


Examine attic insulation issues in your home by a insulation company.

If your house energy bill constantly rises, you need to check attic insulation issues. For example, suppose your attic insulation creates variations at your home temperature. The attic procedure’s inferior quality or insufficient insulation material makes many problems rather than rising energy bills and temperature variation.

If you find any attic insulation issues at your home, you immediately need expert advice from a Los Angeles insulation company. So here we are discussing some common attic insulation issues.


1. Development of Mold and Mildew in the Attic Insulation- 

Mold and fungus is widespread in attic insulation. Water gets close to cellulose and fiberglass insulation when cold, air, and moisture enter the attic vents. The surface becomes unconscious, and it is the perfect breeding grown for mold. You can easily find out issues related to mold growth in such ways-

Clarification- The foremost reason to grow mold in the attic is moisture. So, you have to use an air seal in addition to fiberglass or cellulose in your attic. Moreover, you can use foam insulation that works in air and insulators.

2. Presence of Pets in your Attic- 

Few pests make their nest inside your attic. When you enter an attic, you can see the sign of them. It means pests attack your attic. In this condition, contact pest control service immediately to resolve this issue. You can find out the problem of pest assault in your attic insulation through the following signs-

In the winter season, the attic is mainly attacked by pests because the warmness of the attic attracts them.

Clarification- To solve this issue, the best way is to close all your house’s outdoor entries that pets can use. Then, choose pest repelling attic insulators.

3. When the Old Insulation Shifts or Settles-

With the time your old insulator got damaged, your cellulose or blown-in fiberglass insulation may drift and settle. So, it does not work evenly and increases your energy bills. Improper insulation installation is the reason for shifting and air movement. Here are specific parameters to verify whether old insulation should be replaced.

Clarification- Your attic insulation needs regular maintenance. Replace the entire insulation with better and higher quality insulation material like spray foam. It does not settle down and does not lose shape for more time.

Poor Air Flow to Blocked Attic Vents- 

The blocked attic vents will block the airflow, and the attic will get moisturization inside it. Moisture will lead to mold growth. Sometimes dust and wood are powered accumulated inside your attic and block the vents. Sometimes, you cannot find enough apparatus in your home to examine the attic properly.

Clarification- You should examine the insulation material and ensure the insulation material is not blocking the vents. Use spray foam insulation because you don’t need any ventilation in your attic within it.

1. Ice Dams on the Roof- 

Ice forms on the roof in the winter season, but ice melts when the temperature increases. But at the corner of the top remains frozen and melt ice or water accumulated on the roof because icy edge blocked draining system of your roof.

This water leak into your home damages the attic insulation and other home areas. This attic inside moisture leads to mold growth.

Clarification- You can apply extra insulation to your attic. Increase the ventilation area of your attic vents. You can use a snow rake to prevent ice dam formation. The best way is to insulate your roof deck with snow foam insulation. Using it, you can maintain an even temperature in your home.


You have to study the type of insulator and choose the best of them that can get you the comfort.


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