What is an ADU and why have it constructed within your Los Angeles property?


Know the extensive details regarding the granny flat and the range of benefits to enjoy as you get it erected.

The ADU construction is popular these days and as you take a look around plenty of homes in Los Angeles and California State have a separate residential unit in place. There is demand for living spaces today and the situation seems to have completed a full circle since the subprime crisis in 2008. As a single-family property owner, if you are sitting on a pile of cash and have some land within the boundary walls, this is a construction, which can always come up. There are professional ADU builders ready to assist with the construction and it should be smooth. However, before anything, one will surely be eager to know about the legal aspects of the construction and the benefits.

What is an ADU?

The term stands for an accessory dwelling unit and by having it within the property you create more living space. There are multiple uses and we will discuss them later. However, before that, it is better to understand what precisely you can erect. Let us take a look at the details.

· A detached ADU, which is separated from the main building. It should be at least 10 feet from the main building and five feet within the boundary walls. You can construct 1200 square feet.

· An attached ADU is the other option and homeowners who lack adequate space on the property opt for this construction. Here, the newly constructed residential unit shares a wall with the main building. However, it has a completely separate entrance, and the space, which you can construct, comes with a clause. You can build a maximum of 1200 square feet, or half the area of the main building, whichever is smaller.

· There is the scope to try out a range of ADU conversion Los Angeles and the first can be a garage.

· One can also do interior conversion within the home and plenty of homeowners are converting the storeroom into a cozy living space

These are the four versions of the ADU, which you can build, and with ADU contractors ready to assist, the conversion should be smooth. There are permits to gather for sure, but the contractor should help and the transformation should be smooth.

Understand the positives of having an ADU at home

Once the ADU is in place, there is a range of benefits to enjoy and this is perhaps just the section that should be in your focus. The purpose of an ADU is to solve the living space crisis that has emerged and this is perhaps the reason why authorities are quickly sanctioning the unit. However, once the ADU is in place, you will find that it is a multifunctional area and solves a lot more problems. Here are the details for readers.

1. The creation of more living space enhances home value. You now have more living space to offer to anyone who intends to buy your home and this is the reason why home value sees an uptick.

2. The scope to derive instant rentals is another reason why homeowners are eager to have this build. There is demand for real estate space in LA and the ADU offers great scope to earn recurring monthly rentals

3. You can use this space as a home office and the work from home concept was introduced during the pandemic. The fears of the virus still lives and companies are stretching remote working deadlines. You will require some peace to complete work and the noise in the main building is a disruption. You can work quietly from the ADU.

4. The space can be allocated to anyone who intends to stay overnight and often a caregiver may have to stay for a substantial while. Somebody in the family may be ill and can take some time to recoup. In such instances, the caregiver may stay for a while and you could allocate him/her the ADU.

5. You can allocate this space to elderly parents and bring them close by. This way you can respond to emergencies, but without invading their privacy.


One can see that the ADU is a multi-functional area and it offers immense benefits. The laws for the construction, conversion have eased and you must have this additional residential unit within the boundary walls.


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