White Hat Hacking An Ethical Approach towards Hacking


Hackers are typically viewed as mischievous people who are trying to hack into the computer system by exploiting holes within the system. In reality the perception of hackers is accurate to a degree. A hacker is able to identify the weaknesses in a system , and then by exploiting these vulnerabilities, he can gain access to the entire computer or software application that he did otherwise not authorized to access. Hacking is classified into two broad categories, based on the goal and purpose of the attack.

Black Hat Hacking

Black hat hacking is a kind of hacking in which hackers with malicious intent hack computers in order to access confidential information, causing harm to software applications or causing any other harm on the computer system. The motive of the hacker who is black hat is nefarious and illegal. Numerous major websites have been hit by these hacking attacks in the past. One typical hacking using black hat techniques is DDOS (Double Denial of Service) attacks in which huge amounts of simultaneous requests create an immense burden on the server until eventually, the server ceases to respond. The purpose of hacking done by black hats is to be malicious and defiant and is used to cause damage to reputation or financial loss to the user of the system that is being targeted. More

Hacking White Hat Here’s where things start to get exciting!

But, to your delight or perhaps delight there is a different kind of hacking that’s completely legally and morally acceptable. This kind of hacking is known as white hacking. It is also known as white. The terms hacking using black hats and hacking with white hats originated from the concept of good as well as bad people. In the 19 century century, those wearing a black hats were thought to be untrustworthy while those wearing white hats were thought to be good and decent. It was a flims notion, but the concept of white and black hacking hats has developed from this notion.

White hat hacking isn’t more or less than black-hat hacking, in terms of exploiting weaknesses within the system. However, as mentioned earlier the motive is distinct. White hat hacking is conducted to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks in a system with an goal of eliminating those risks.

Ethical Hacking Students also learn

Why would you want to hack you own System?

One of the most important and intriguing questions to be considered is the reason one should attempt to hack their own computer system? The answer is easy and easy to understand: to find vulnerabilities within a computer system that could be exploited by malicious hacker, you must play the role of a hacker. When hacking into your system, it is important to be considered: the system or computer cannot be tested to detect 100% vulnerabilities within the system. In reality the system does not need have to test itself for any kind of weaknesses. For instance, a Web platform that does not serve a large portion of traffic to the internet should not be tested for high-traffic. An ethical hacker needs to be aware of what the most crucial systems are that hackers might be able to take advantage of. Below are some methods that a skilled hacker should follow to test the security of a system.

Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is a form of attack that take advantage of the trust human beings have. Human beings naturally trust one another. But, trusting too much could result in the losing financial assets, reputation , and a massive amount of valuable information. Social engineering attacks can include the sending of keyloggers and spyware to the system, and the use of phishing, etc. Physical attacks involving social engineering include the use of a shoulder surfer, dumpster diving , and the rummaging.

Network Attacks

These kinds of attacks comprise unauthorised access to networks or accessing critical information through remote computers as well as installing viruses and malware on computers, placing too much traffic on the computer or a network, and DOS attacks.sam frp tool

Application OS Attacks

The third kind of attack is an attack on operating systems and applications. They are performed through Internet web pages or dvds, where viruses exploit a loophole in software and causes it to function in a different way.

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