Why Choose our SEO Company in Lahore?

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Our strategic vision of SEO

Since its creation in 2022, our SEO Company in Lahore has followed a key principle: to meet the needs and expectations of Internet users above all. This alignment is perfectly in line with the expectations of Google and other search engines. The objective is to guarantee our customers a natural, ethical and sustainable referencing. We never implement deceptive SEO practices that could lead to penalties and loss of visitor confidence.

From a simple showcase site of an organization or a local craftsman to a large e-commerce site that generates hundreds or even thousands of euros daily, SEO Expert in Lahore is always a vector of success in your communication or in your business. Companies or organizations all too rarely have data on the marketing investments they make. Our Noise agency and its natural referencing experts define with you the KPIs, the key performance indicators, of your strategy. You will know if your SEO strategy is working, but also how to improve results by focusing your efforts where it matters.

Our approach covers all aspects of natural referencing: SEO Services in Lahore, semantics and netlinking.

The SEO agency methodology to improve your SEO


More than 2 sites out of 3 work thanks to a CMS (Content Management System). These content management systems make it easier to design and feed showcase sites or e-commerce sites. Our agency designs, develops and ensures the referencing of sites on all the most common technologies: WordPress, Prestashop, Woo commerce, Drupe, Magenta, and Codify.

Each of these CMS has technical specificities, extensions and different ways to improve SEO referencing. Our consultants know the opportunities and limitations of these CMS. They will be able to advise you and set up a tailor-made CMS SEO. Do you have a site creation or redesign project? Our team advises you on the choice of the best solution and helps you remove the SEO blocking factors inherent in this type of tool.

Why use a natural referencing agency?

Why use a natural referencing agency? It may seem like a naive question, but I think it’s essential to try to answer it as clearly as possible.

The majority of clients hire an SEO agency to increase the number of users who visit their website. That’s reason enough, especially when you look at the numbers.A good SEO agency knows perfectly well that the code deployed on a website will have a direct impact on its natural referencing. The quality of the code is therefore an important criterion of choice when looking for an SEO agency. Indeed, Google’s rules are very strict and if they are not respected, your site can be penalized in its referencing. Many SEO agencies in Quebec too often focus only on carrying out audits, without being able to implement all the recommendations they make. A good SEO agencycan still work with a team of programmers who have a good foundation in SEO if it does not have the internal resources it will act as a conductor to validate that all technical SEO recommendations are properly applied.

On average, when a user launches a query in the search engine, the 1st result gets 30% of clicks , the 2nd result 15% of clicks and the 3rd result 10% of clicks.


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