Why is Linux Shared Hosting Better Option For New Websites?

Why is Linux Shared Hosting Better Option For New Websites

If you think choosing a web hosting service is challenging, then you are probably right. Having so many hosting services available, anybody can get confused and not be able to find the best hosting service for their websites. You may have heard about Linux shared hosting, it’s the cheapest and the most preferable web hosting service for website owners for newly built websites.

Having a secure and reliable Web hosting server is the priority for every website owner. And Cheap Linux Shared hosting has both qualities and also it is scalable and the Cheapest Web hosting service. Since it is fully managed by a web hosting company, you don’t have to worry about budget or management issues.

In this article, we will tell you the qualities a Linux shared server has in it And How it benefits new websites.

Why You Should Choose Linux Shared Hosting Over Other Web Hosting Services?

To understand the difference between shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting, let’s compare them quickly.

In shared Hosting, there are hundreds of websites hosting on a Single server. All websites share all server space and resources. This is the cheapest and most affordable web hosting service. If you have a new website then it doesn’t require too many server resources and a shared server can easily scale your website up. That is why Shared hosting is a much preferable web hosting option for a new website.

If we talk about VPS Hosting then it is a bit more expensive than shared hosting and provides a lot of privacy and resources to the website. But if you have a new website then you might not need that many resources for your website.

And the last one, Dedicated Hosting, is the highest level of web hosting. Because in this type of web hosting you have to buy a whale server just to host your website. It is the most expensive and not meant for every website at all.

If you have a large organization or big business website then you may need to look for a dedicated server. 

Overall, we can say that Shared Hosting is the best Web hosting service for a new website or if you don’t have much budget to speed up on web hosting services.

What Are The Benefits of Linux Shared Web Hosting?

There are several benefits of Linux shared Hosting and here we mention some of them with a bit of summary.

It is secure:

Linux is the only operating that is completely open-source. And it is the most secure operating system in the world. If you use Linux shared Server then there will be a minimum chance of adat breaching in your server. It provides maximum security to websites from malware and cyberattacks.

Easy Management:

Shared Hosting is a managed web hosting service. It means that all server tasks and customization will be done by your web hosting provider and you don’t have to do much on your server. It is of great quality because it saves your time and also if you by hosting from a reliable hosting provider then they will do care of your web server.

Comes with a control panel:

Linux is a better option if you want versatility in control panels. Because Linux is the only operating system that supports both Plesk and cPanel control panels. Despite the fact that shared Linux hosting is fully managed by the web hosting provider, some tasks, such as domain additions and email creation, can still be handled by the website owner. For that, you need a control panel.  You can perform those tasks without a Control Panel, but you must know everything about servers in order to do so.


Linux is an operating system that is free to use and all updates and versions are free as well. So you don’t have to pay extra money after purchasing Linux hosting. And Linux shared hosting is the cheapest Web hosting Service.

The Best Linux Shared Hosting Provider- Hostbillo

Hostbillo Hosting Solutions is the most renowned and reliable web hosting company. They provide all types of web hosting services and Domain names. They provide 24/7 customer support and a 99.90% server uptime guarantee as well. Thiet technical team is the most experienced and trustworthy team in the world. If you want the best Linux shared Hosting plans at a cheap price must look at Hostbillo’s Linux shared hosting plans and packages once.

Features you will get from Hostbillo’s Shared Hosting plans-

  • 99.90 Server uptime guarantee
  • Control panel
  • 24/7 customer support
  • SSD storage
  • High bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Domain Name


If you are thinking to start a new website for your business then Linux Shared hosting Servers are the best option to host the website online. And if you buy hosting from Hostbillo you will get a huge number of benefits and features along with the server. 

So, if you want to know more about Hostbillo’s Linux Shared hosting plan and packages fo to their website now.


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