Why Should There Be A Sports Analyst In Football Broadcasts?


At the beginning of any great sporting event, social networks are flooded with comments. Thousands of users turned into coaches, international football experts, selectors, analysts come to light. But many of the comments focus on the work of the team of commentators. There are those who from home are very critical of journalists, both for better and for worse. For this reason, in this article I intend to explain the importance and value of a sports analyst in broadcasting.

Sorry, maybe you’ve started reading this article and don’t know who’s behind it. I am runtv365, a graduate in Journalism from the UCH CEU University. One more of those who call “crazy football”. I like to live in continuous training in this world and right now I am a student of the Course in R for Soccer Analysts. There are always things to learn and improve. Passionate about radio and communication in general.

In 해외스포츠중계, the product to be offered (the match) is just as important as the team that is going to give it a voice. A qualified team is needed to be able to get the most out of the product we have in hand, never better said.

This is where the figure of the sports analyst becomes relevant, a qualified and trained person to provide quality broadcasting. In the end, the product is the same for all the media; they all offer the same game. What really decides the choice of the audience for one medium or another is the quality of the narrator and the commentator.

Who is the analyst in football?

It is a component of the coaching staff. The visible head of the bench is and will always be the coach, but behind him there is a great team that facilitates his work and helps him get the most out of his players.

The coaching staff is the work team that accompanies the coach, there are even top-level coaches who have their own coaching staff and always go with them, they are trusted people. It can be made up of the second coach, physical trainers, goalkeeping coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists… And the analyst (or ones), in charge of studying in detail the phases of the game and the rival team.

The work of the tactical analyst in a soccer team

As I have already mentioned, the main task of a professional football analyst is to carry out a detailed study of the rival, their system, players and style and to know in detail the team they are going to face.

Today, due to the growth of science also in the football field, analysts have the ability to carry out an exhaustive study in all aspects, both physical and technical-tactical.

The tactical analyst, a person who has become a fundamental piece in a coaching staff. His main task is to relieve the coach of work and focus on carrying out a study; the more detailed the better, of the rival and his main characteristics. Once this work is done, the team will be able to face the match in the best way and will know what the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are.


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