Why You Should Customize Your Neon Sign

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If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, then neon signs are an excellent choice for you. They allow you to advertise without spending a lot of money, so they’re great if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of capital at your disposal. Neon signs are also highly visible, which means that customers who pass by will be able to see them immediately even if they’re driving by at high speeds or if there are other brightly colored ads near yours.

Save Time

Using a custom neon sign will not only save you time, but also help you to have a true representation of your brand. With CustomNeon, you can choose the color and font style to create something that is unique to your business. Plus, as neon lights are among the most popular form of signage for businesses today, you’ll be able to make your company stand out in any neighborhood or area. If you’re still on the fence about ordering one of these signs, read through this list of 10 benefits that come with getting a customized one!

Personalize the design

Have you ever seen a neon sign that made you do a double take? Did it make you stop in your tracks, just to stare at the beauty of the design? If so, then you know that neon signs can have a strong impact on people. It doesn’t matter if it is in the shape of your favorite animal, or has a personal quote on it, customizing your neon sign will give it an extra special touch.

A lot of people think that customizing their neon sign is too costly. But at CustomNeon we offer low prices and high quality signs so that everyone can get one they love. Whether you want one with your name on it or words from an old poem, we can help! Neon lights are sure to turn any space into something unforgettable!

Neon signs are more convenient than LED signs

CustomNeon offers both a retail and custom experience. The most popular neon sign is the Retail Package, which includes a 36×24 in-stock sign with lettering and border of your choice. Neon signs are more convenient than LED signs because they are long-lasting, durable, and offer a vibrant color display. Neon lights use mercury vapor to emit light instead of using electricity like an LED sign does. The cost of neon lights is also much less expensive than an LED sign. Neon lights last from 12 to 15 years, while LEDs can only last 10 years at best before it starts to dim or not work at all. Plus neon signs can be customized by choosing their colors, shapes, borders and whether you want to add text or not!

LED signs don’t last forever

LED signs are the most common type of neon sign these days. They’re cheaper to produce and easier to change than other options, but they don’t last forever. In fact, your sign should be replaced after 10-12 years. It can cost thousands of dollars to replace an LED sign, which is why it’s so important that you get a professional designer who knows how to make sure your sign will last as long as possible. A custom neon sign will last twice as long, because it’s made specifically for your business and won’t be used anywhere else!

LED Signs Are Not Eco Friendly

When you invest in a custom neon sign, you are investing in an environmentally friendly light source. While many people see LED signs as the green alternative, LEDs are actually not eco-friendly at all. That’s because they contain mercury and other heavy metals that can’t be recycled. The mercury content is what makes them so toxic, especially if broken. When the lights break inside of a business it can take days or weeks for the building to be safe for humans again.

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